A Great Lockdown Treat!

A Great Lockdown Treat!

A Product that has united the family and sparked the creativity of the nation!

Bonilla La Vista Crisps have been flying faster out of the door since the start of Lock Down…

The giant Bonilla Tin with 500g of the finest, crunchiest Spanish Patatas Fritas (crisps) have proved a lock down winner… but why?


It’s a great story….

It all started 1932 in Ferrol, Spain with an avid sailor who wanted to take his crisps to sea but was sick of the damp sea air making them soggy. Mr Bonilla developed the Bonilla brand of super crunchy, natural crisps using Spanish potatoes, sea salt and olive oil – and packed them up in a large re-sealable tin! 

Bonilla La Vista crisps were launched!

The crisps were a hit with family friends and other avid sailors…from small beginnings on Spanish market stalls to now International success – Bonilla La Vista crisps are today a favourite snack around the world from the UK, France to Korea (where all stock sold out in 2 hours). The crisps are used by fashion houses such as Balmain Paris, eaten by celebrities, stocked in the most renowned bars and restaurants and have featured in the Oscar winning film Parasite!

It’s a great product … 

Some may say traditional, others may breathe a huge sigh of relief that it’s not another quirky flavour of crisp that is being launched! 

The beauty of the Bonilla crisp is its simplicity, quality of ingredient, its crunchiness and of course its original packaging!

The Bonilla Crisps have received a Great Taste award.

You will have never tasted crisps like these before…the best CRUNCH and NO GREASE!

It’s a crisp that is totally different from any other

  • Made of the best raw materials: 

Organic Spanish Potatoes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Natural Sea Salt – THAT’S IT!

  • 100% Natural. No Additives. No Colourings
  • Gluten-Free
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics

A Healthier snack!

It’s Great for Sharing…

Delicious, indulgent and addictive – the giant tin (like a paint tin) that is re-sealable ensures that the crisps stay super fresh and crunchy day after day…

Bonilla crisps have been enjoyed during lockdown

  • Over a drink in the garden in the sunshine
  • As an addition to a family BBQ
  • Shared whilst watching a movie
  • A treat to open at the end of a long day of home schooling and zoom calls
  • As an ingredient in recipes

It’s great for the Environment…

With no plastic or foil packaging like normal crisps the tin is an environmental winner 

The 500g tin also represents outstanding value for money whose carbon footprint per gram is significantly lower than traditional crisps.

It’s Great to spark creativity!

During lockdown families have been highly inventive with their uses of tins…

The tins have been used as:

        A drum to beat on a Thursday at 8pm to support the NHS

        A bread tin – to keep every scrap of bread as fresh as possible!

        A stand for a laptop so it’s the right height for a zoom call!

        A safe store for all the important remote controls (TV, Sky Box, X-Box…)

        A Game – who can throw the cork in the tin? Stilts – if you have 2 tins!?

        Even a lampshade suspended from the ceiling!

The creativity of the British public has been amazing!

Bonilla Crisps are available online at 

www.bonillacrispsuk.co.uk priced at £17.00 for a 500g tin or £35 for three tins.

and stocked in the UK at farm shops and Deli’s in all corners of the UK from Wales to Cornwall to Scotland.

Largest London stores include:

  • Bayley and Sage - 5 stores in London
  • Fortnum and Mason 
  • Conran 
  • Orford Deli 

Outside London:

  • Fenwick’s Food Hall - Newcastle
  • Cowdray Farm Shop – Midhurst West Sussex
  • Hungry Guest Deli -  Petworth and West Malling
  • Various wine shops Henning’s / Taurus 

For more information or photos please contact: Kate Murray 07788568209 faroeroad37@yahoo.co.uk


Bonilla La Vista Crisps have sparked the creativity of the nation – how will you use yours? 


Family Catch-ups 

Remote Control Store      


Art tin


NHS Drum      


Spare Seat           


Teams Classroom

Zoom Drinks Parties       




Flower bucket

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