The Ultimate Summer Addition!

The Ultimate Summer Addition!

Think balmy summer evenings,

Think chilled rosé wine … a cold beer

Think friends and family gatherings again?!

This summer’s must have …

The Award Winning, 100% Natural, Premium Crisp…

With the BEST crunch!!!


Have the tin on the table at your party!
Take them to a summer BBQ
Walk around with them at a drinks party
Send them as a gift – (possibly the best gift for a man or an impossible teen!)
Treat the family to a tin for the house
Just for you!!!

Crack open a tin of Bonilla La Vista Crisps – guaranteed to turn heads, make an impact and taste statement that will please all and be a talking point at any gathering!

It’s a crisp that is totally different from any other - Made of the best raw materials 

    • Organic Spanish Potatoes
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Natural Sea Salt



    It’s an OUTSTANDING Product 





    The beauty of the Bonilla crisp is its SIMPLICITY, QUALITY OF INGREDIENT, ITS CRUNCH, ITS NON-GREASY TEXTURE and of course its PACKAGING!

    You will have never tasted crisps like this before.  Bonilla have a Great Taste Award.

    It’s a crisp that is totally different from any other - Made of the best raw materials 

      • Organic Spanish Potatoes
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • Natural Sea Salt


        • 100% Natural. No Additives. No Colourings
        • Gluten Free
        • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics

        A GREAT story!





        It all started 1932 in Ferrol, Spain with an avid sailor who wanted to take his crisps to sea but was sick of the damp sea air making them soggy. Mr Bonilla developed the Bonilla brand of super crunchy, natural crisps using Spanish potatoes, sea salt and olive oil – and packed them up in a large re-sealable tin! 

        Bonilla La Vista crisps were launched!

        The crisps were a hit with family friends and other avid sailors…from small beginnings on Spanish market stalls to now International success – Bonilla La Vista crisps are today a favourite snack around the world from the UK, France to Korea (where all stock sold out in 2 hours). The crisps are used by fashion houses such as Balmain Paris, eaten by celebrities, stocked in the most renowned bars and restaurants and have featured in the Oscar winning film Parasite!


        UNIQUE Packaging!





        The Bonilla La Vista tin is iconic and unique. Both a style statement and highly practical!

        Perfect for parties, picnics and gifts – each tin is full to the brim with 500g of the crunchiest crisps 

        • Place them on a table
        • Hand the tin around at a party
        • Save them for family snack time
        • Then re-seal the tin and when they’re all gone either 
        • Re-fill the tin or up-cycle the tin for another use…

        GOOD environmental credentials!





        The Bonilla tin is a more environmentally friendly way to eat crisps. All locally sourced fresh ingredients, less packaging, less foil, less trips to the shops and the tin can be re-used and upcycled…

        Take a look at some of the ways the tin is being re-used…


        Finally they’re FANTASTIC FUN!!!





        Like the summer, like the sunshine, like BBQ’s and sundowner drinks – Bonilla Crisps are fantastic fun and an original addition to happy times! We hope you enjoy yours!

        For further information and high resolution images please contact:

        Kate Murray – 07788568209 -



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