The Bonilla a la Vista have a Charming History and Journey...

The Bonilla journey started in 1932 in Ferrol, Spain with Salvador Bonilla. An avid sailor who wanted to take crisps for his journeys at sea but was fed up of them going stale so quickly in the damp sea air. He developed the Bonilla brand of super crunchy, natural crisps using Spanish potatoes, sea salt and olive oil – all packaged up in a re-sealable tin!

Bonilla la Vista … Ahoy there! Was developed!

The crisps were a hit – with friends, family and other avid sailors. He travelled around Galicia with his market stand selling his delicious crisps in villages and small towns.

From small market stalls to International success – Bonilla la Vista crisps are now a firm favourite snack around the world with distribution in hotels, bars, restaurants and shops.


From France to Korea (where the stock sold out in 2 hours!) the crisps are used by Fashion houses in campaigns such as Balmain, eaten by celebrities, stocked in the most renowned bars, restaurants and shops and is featured in Oscar winning films such as Parasite!


How did Bonilla a la vista reach UK shores?

Cesar Bonilla Vazquez – the third generation of Bonilla family who has specialised in gastronomy like his great grand-father is a keen sailor.

It was on holiday in Galicia Spain that his boat was moored next to the boat of Clare ‘s family whose husband is a keen sailor. Fanatical about healthy living and natural products – Clare was impressed with the quality of the crunch of the Bonilla a la vista crisp, loved the packaging and embraced the “free-from” method of production using only natural ingredients and the re-cyclable packaging…

Since 2015 Clare has helped Bonilla reach every shore of the UK where its famous tins are distributed far and wide. From Fortnum and Mason in London to Cowdray Farm Shop in West Sussex, big in London and even out as far as Wales and Scotland. Thanks to their premium nature with the best crunch and no additives – Bonilla Crisps were awarded the Great Taste Award in 2017 and were Commended in the Quality Food Awards.




Discover Bonilla a la vista crisps for yourself, with friends, with some beer at the pub, for a Birthday present or celebration or even give them as a gift.

Bonilla moments are special moments thanks to the three generations worth of work, experience and dedication of the Bonilla family.