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Advantages of stocking Bonilla a la Vista

Bonilla a la Vista Crisps are all about great quality, premium ingredients, impactful packaging & excellent service.


Perfect for parties & events and as an upsell accompaniment to wine, champagne & food - the crisps are light and the flavour not overpowering.


Customers seek out Bonilla a la Vista crisps – they love the product – the flavour and the crunch!


Delivery is fast, easy to arrange and reliable!


  • Retail

    Our uniquely branded products are ideally suited to standing out in high end food halls, wine shops and delicatessens.

  • Events

    Whether a wedding, a birthday party, or bah mitzvah - our tins will make a stand out impression leaving clients impressed.

  • Hotels

    Either in hotel bars or in the seclusion of a room's mini bar - our crisps will more than exeed the expectations of your guests.

  • Hospitality

    Be it wine bar or high end pub - our smaller bags look great on show and will prove impossible to resist for customers.


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